Thinking by making. Making for thinking.

We make interactive things! MAKinteract is a research group of inventors, designers and makers in the department of Industrial Design at KAIST. Through user-centered design, fabrication, iterative prototyping and users studies we make new tangible and wearable systems to understand human behavior and imagine yet unseen interactions.


This is a list of our recent projects. Most of these projects are the results of collaborations. For a complete referece check Andrea Bianchi's Google Scholar profile or his personal webpage.

PassBYOP: Bring Your Own Picture for Securing Graphical Passwords

IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems (SCI), 2015 (in Press)

PassBYOP is a new graphical password scheme for public terminals that replaces the static digital images typically used in graphical password systems with personalized physical tokens. Users present these images to a system camera and then enter their password as a sequence of selections on live video of the token. Highly distinctive optical features are extracted from these selections and used as the password.

Hot & Tight: Exploring Thermo and Squeeze Cues Recognition on Wrist Wearables

Proceedings of ISWC 2015

This work introduces prototypes for thermal and pressure (squeeze) feedback on the wrist. It then presents a study characterizing recognition performance with thermal and pressure cues against baseline performance with vibrations.

Designing a Physical Aid to Support Active Reading on Tablets

Proceedings of CHI 2015

Tablet computers and portable eReaders are gradually becoming the preferred platform for the consumption of textual materials. This work presents a formative study that captures the needs and requirements of users during active reading tasks with tablets. We instantiate the findings in the design of a simple physical aid to support active reading: a smart bookmark.

Automatically Adjusting the Speed of E-Learning Videos

Proceedings of CHI 2015 Extended Abstracts

Videos are becoming a commonplace way for students to view instructional material. In this work we highlight a need for more dynamic or reactive control systems capable of varying playback in response to viewer needs or activities (e.g. slowing down during note-taking). We describe the design and implementation of the system and a user study that highlights usage patterns and shows automatic tracking and playback speed adjustment can effectively lower users’ workload.

MagnID: Tracking Multiple Magnetic Tokens

Proceedings of TEI 2015

Tangible systems present compelling interaction opportunities but are typically enabled by complex, bulky, awkward or expensive sensing infrastructures. This work explores the use of simple active magnetic tokens that create carefully controlled patterns of varying magnetic flux as the building blocks of tangible systems.

Better Posture Awareness through Flower-Shaped Ambient Avatar

Proceedings of TEI 2015

Incorrect postures and long sitting sessions are among the main causes of back pain and discomfort, a problem affecting a growing portion of office workers. In this work, we present a flower-shaped physical avatar that subtly and pleasantly (through motion, colors and sounds) provides an ambient feedback to users about their postures.

Team & Collaborators

Andrea Bianchi Assistant Professor IDxKAIST
Hyelip Lee PhD student IDxKAIST
Seungwoo Je MS student IDxKAIST
Jihoon Suh URP student IDxKAIST
Wooshik Kim URP student Mechanical Eng. KAIST

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